༺Panoramic Paragliding༻

Paraglide with a professional and licensed Tandempilot

INFO - due to the restriction concerning Covid19, I'm currently grounded.

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Pascal Croizier

+4176 579 90 59


Over 10 years of experience

Paraglide over the heart of Switzerland

~ In no hurry ~

Launch Sites all very close to Lucerne, Basel and Zürich


Panoramaflight ~ 20min. 200CHF

Thermal Flight > 30min. 230CHF

Evening Flight ~ open End 210CHF

Pilot for a Day 500CHF

Fotos 30CHF - EUROS accepted


bring along:

Swiss Travel and Tell Pass are valid towards (ship and train) and up to Mount Rigi


keep on breathing and let me know about your well-being


The easiest Part – I’ll explain that in the air ;)

Gift cards

for vouchers, please contact me via eMail

they're sent within 24hours