༺ Panorama flight ༻

A simple glide through calm air. For the faint-hearted ~ 20min.
200CHF → BOOK here over Stripe

༺ Evening flight ༻

We take the last cable car ~ open-end untill thermals weaken
210CHF → BOOK here over Stripe

༺ Thermal flight ༻

The adventure > 30min. guaranteed - We fly as high as possible!
230CHF CHF → BOOK here over Stripe

Twelve handpicked stories of amazing birds

Just some of the highlights of the past 15 years 🪂

Paragliding in a nutshell

YOU are at the cencter

The passenger - and his well being - is at the center throughout the whole journey. I treat each person like a diamond - cheap flights are for other Pilots..

Ton of expierience with proven track record

I'm an very expierienced Pilot with thousands of flights and with a 15 year track record in the scene.

Photos on site

If you'd like to purchase the photos after the flight, I can transfer them directly to your iPhone or Android device.

Photo backup

In case you change your mind and would like to buy the photos later: I keep backups of the SD card.

Meeting points

Most of the time we'll meet in Goldau at the train station ~ 20 min. form Lucern ~ 40 min. from Zurich ~ 100 min. from Basel and Bern


For inicial contact, please contact me over eMail - a cell phone number is needed though for the briefing: 1 day bevore the flight I will contact you by phone

Eco friendly

My flights are carbon neutral - as I do not own a car and need no engine to fly;)

Passenger weight

Choosing the right glider for my passangers is essential. If you are over 100kg/220lb let me know beforehand.

Passenger gear

bring along: good sturdy shoes, a wind jacket, only small and foldable bags and a smile:)


Passenger comments


I highly recommend the professionals at Pano-air. This was my first paragliding experience and it was a thriller. It lasted 45 wonderful minutes!! Pascal is a very polite , thoughtful and personable. The kite was new. The ride was extremely calm until I asked for more excitement and thrills. Enjoy


Had a really great experience! Called Pascal in the morning and was in the air by the afternoon. Really safe and understandable instructions, even better views from the sky. Highly recommend!


Experience was exciting, no fear of the height, Pascal the instructor was very good and precise in explaining the rules of flying. Best view, could agree with nature with more. I had the time of my life.

艺瑄 单

This is a really enjoyable and safe sport! I just email Pascal and he reply me very quick. Then I call him to make sure the time and place. Everything was easy and convenient. They are very professional and have lots of experience to fly. They are not the comercial type,they have lots of time to chat with you like a friend. Also the Rigi mountain is very beautiful and worth to visite. Highly recommend!

Johnathon Glover

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It's was exhilarating, mind blowing, amazing adventures I have ever done. My knees were shaking before takeoff but once we were in the air all of my nervousness melted away. Pascal is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet and immediately puts you at ease. My girlfriend and I went(separately) and both were amazed at how beautiful and incredible the experience was. When my girlfriend and I went we had to use different take off spots. Pascal knew the perfect places. When I flew we had only a few steps for take off, which made the experience even that more exciting. I never thought in a million years I would do something like this but I'm so glad I did. I wanted to go back up and do it again immediately. If you're afraid of heights, you'll be fine. Once you're up there's no fear of that. You'll be blown away by the experience. We even flew through a cloud which made the view even more spectacular when we came out of the cloud. It's the closest you'll get to flying like a bird. Jump on the opportunity to do this. It's worth every penny. You will have the time of your life. Thank you, Pascal! It was an amazing experience.

Katrin Kadera

I had a flight of a lifetime with Pascal. This is my first time to Switzerland and what a beautiful way to see it. Pascal was extremely nice and the flight was breath taking. Nothing but smooth sails! I highly recommend this to anyone coming to Switzerland!

Kapsook K.

This pilot is excellent two thumbs up👍👍 He is taking time for his customers which is very good for tourist, and it was cheaper and longer ride then other places, it was a good bang for buck!!


Pascal and his group of experts Paragliders managed this wonderful event in great detail and it could not have gone better for us. Once we found the ideal take-off spot, which took a while as we were waiting for the wind to pick up, our patience was rewarded with some of the most amazing views around Lucerne. It was an exhilarating experience which I will never forget. Thanks to Pascal for arranging a wonderful day and to the teachers for an exciting para-glide. Special thanks to Stefan, my paraglide teacher, for all your guidance.

Joselien Folkers

Best birthday-gift ever! I had a wonderful flight with Pascal. A really nice guy who made me feel totally secure. Not one single moment of hesitation or fear, just enjoying. I strongly recommend Rigi-Gliders for a pleasant & smooth tandemglide.

Magda Vanzetto

It was an amazing experience with great professional people!

Maurizio Longo

Amazing !!! One of the best experiences of my life !!! Thank you so much 🙂

Ondrej Kurtiš

An amazing experience, I really recommend to anyone 🙂

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